Sunday, June 26, 2016

New on eLuna (June 26, 2016)

 Open the summer with these great restaurants:

 The most stylish summer outdoor barbecue in Jerusalem must be at the Inbal Hotel. Diners at “The Inbal Grill” can expect a mouth-watering selection of prime cuts, served in the picturesque setting of the Jerusalem hotel's stone courtyard.

The Inbal Grill chefs are experts at preparing the meat. Guests enjoy continuous tableside service, at this elegant dinner.
Focaccia to start, then seven bowls of salad and later four or five serving plates of meat fill up the table. It is a feast for a king.
The 3-course fixed price all-you-can-eat menu is NIS 190 per person.

To read more about the Inbal Grill in  Jerusalem, click here.

To read more about the Inbal Hotel click here.

Taamon is a dairy (mehadrin) restaurant located in the Litov Jerusalem Boutique Hotel on Haneviim Street, Jerusalem. Taamon is a modest yet charming restaurant with a full dairy menu ranging from breakfast to light meals, and full pasta or fish dinners. Taamon knows its customers, and offers a mix of classic Israeli dishes and traditional American "Jewish" foods.

Taamon is a family restaurant for all generations. Junior diners will enjoy the pancakes and the french toast.
Diners who prefer  Israeli cuisine will enjoy the Eggplant Baladi and Shakshuka dishes. Bubi and Zeidy will be surprised to find 
New York bagels and lox and herring in cream sauce. B'teavon!
To read more about Taamon Restaurant in Jerusalem, click here.

To read the history of bagel and lox click here.

The Fisherman’s Kosher Restaurant is a fine fish and dairy restaurant in the port of Yafo (Jaffa). It is
unique as the only kosher restaurant in the port among many non-kosher places. That is our good fortune, as the port is a breezy place to explore and enjoy, especially on a cool evening.

The Fisherman’s Kosher Restaurant offers a selection of salt-water and fresh-water fish that the kitchen will prepare in any of several ways: whole, filleted, or grilled open-faced, pan fried, or baked. The selection of fish is good and includes fresh salmon, levrak (Sea Bass), and barbunya (Red Mullet). Other options are fish and chips, and, for non-fish eaters, penne in a cream-tomato sauce. Side orders of fries (chips) or baked potato are offered with the fish.

To read more about Fisherman's Kosher Restaurant in Yafo, Tel Aviv, click here.

Yafo port is full of history since after the flood.  To read more about Yafo Port history through the centuries and milenias, click here.

Monday, May 16, 2016

New on eLuna (May16, 2016)

New eLuna restaurants just for you.

ALUMA is a chef the beautiful 5-star Jerusalem Crowne Plaza Hotel. ALUMA is  under the baton of Chef Michael Katz, one of Israel’Israel's most celebrated chefs.
Chef Katz presents a strictly kosher menu, based on classic European cuisine. The menu offers a rich array of meat and fish dishes in a range of prices.

ALUMA is a warm and welcoming restaurant. The space is beautifully designed, modern yet classical, with a soothing color pallet. Yummy foods, fine service, pristine white linen covered tables and new shiney tableware make this an upmarket dining experience.

Click here to read more about Aluma,Jerusalem.

To know more about the Jerusalem Crowne Plaza Hotel, click here.

Givat Ram is a neigborhood with quite history. To read more about it and why it was chosen also to be the location of the governmental offices quarters, including The Knesset, click here.

Fans of  the VILLAGE GREEN will enjoy the newest branch on Nachalat Shiva. This is a strictly vegan restaurant, no eggs or milk products. This restaurant has waiter service. Take a seat and choose from the menu.

The VILLAGE GREEN on Yoel Solomon is a bright and cheerful restaurant with a friendly and casual atmosphere. Multi-colored   furniture and light wood tables add to the  happy and   upbeat ambiance.

As you would expect in a vegan restaurant, the menu offers its share of salads, a long list of soups, cold main dishes, irresistible rice dishes, a vegetarian lasagna and delicoius pastries. We enjoyed the soup tasting dish, with three soups of your choice.

Go through the restaurant to the  shop where you can purchase VILLAGE GREEN foods and souvenirs.

Click here to read more about the Village Green, Nachalat Shiva, Jerusalem.   What about a healthy snack?  Check out this Barbeque Flavored Zucchini Chips.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

New on eLuna (May 3, 2016)

Spring is here...

Blackstone Bistro & Lounge is an eclectic French-Mediterranean style urban bistro restaurant that combines Tel Aviv's spirit and European flair.

Blackstone is a strong meat and fish restaurant with subtle Asian touches, delicious desserts, glamorous cocktails and elegant salads.

Click here to read more about Blackstone in Tel Aviv (Ramat Gan).

We found for you some interesting facts about the French Cuisine.  Click here to read more.

Haroeh BaCafe is a lovely dairy restaurant in rural Kfar Haroeh. Dine in a beautifully landscaped garden, or in the recently expanded and renovated indoor space.

Haroeh BaCafe offers a variety of salads, pastas, fish dishes, sandwiches, breakfasts and dinner meals, and amazing desserts. You will enjoy a visit to this excellent professionally run restaurant.

Click here to read more about Haroeh Bacafe in Kfar Haroeh.

Kfar Haroeh is also famous for its farming culture and their cooking workshops at the Jacobs's farm, famous for its cheeses and its love story of one of the Jacobs brother with one of the sisters of the bakery Agadat Bread.
Click here to read more about Jacobs Dairy and Agadat Bread bakery.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Great restaurants in hotels

Enjoy haute cuisine at these selected restaurants in amazing hotels all over Israel:

 Paraliya Restaurant at The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Tel-Aviv. This is an up-market restaurant in a lovely 5-star hotel along the tayelet.

Paraliya is a full-menu dinner restaurant with a good selection of meat and fish dishes. The culinary concept at Paraliya is high end Israeli Mediterranean food. The menu is strong on fish, olive oil, fresh tomatoes and herbs - parsley and cilantro and upscale versions of Israeli style dishes.

To read more about Paraliya, click here.

Take a look inside the Hotel Crowne Plaza Beach in Tel Aviv by clicking here.

What's Mediterranean food all about?  Find out more here.

Tucked away in a quiet corner  of the Jerusalem Inbal Hotel, sits a little pocket of elegance called Sofia. As befits this posh hotel, this spiffy eatery is high class all the way.

Sofia offers dairy Italian fare. Everything is done with a refined and stylish touch, from the cream-colored linens to the plush chairs. The service is impeccable and appropriate for an outstanding dining experience.

We were greeted at the restaurant with an aperitif followed by a small surprise starter; a baked phylo packet filled with feta cheese, floating on a sea of creamy tomato sauce. It was at that point, that we knew we were in for a special and wonderful dining experience.

Sofia  is a restaurant for a special evening - an important (romantic) date, an anniversary or perhaps a key business meeting. You can count on Sofia to pamper you and your guest; its grace and sophistication will win you over.

To read more about Sofia, click here.

  La Primavera is a lovely elegant dairy restaurant located in the Leonardo Plaza Jerusalem Hotel. The hushed and sophisticated ambiance of the restaurant makes this a perfect venue for quality dining.

The  dairy Italian menu offers  delicious freshly made pastas, excellent fish entrees, and tempting desserts.

Feast on appetizers like grilled veggies and risotto to Fettuccine with salmon entrees, and creative desserts like the  green apple soup with yogurt mousse.  La Primavera is a restaurant for everyone who likes quality food and high end atmosphere.

To read more about La Primavera, click here.

 The 11th Floor is a gorgeous, modern, restaurant on the 11th floor of the Crown Plaza City Center Hotel at Azrieli. Enter into a lovely large space with a bar, a soft seating area and a spacious dining area. One full wall of windows overlook the Tel Aviv skyline. The atmosphere is elegant and romantic.

The new version of The 11th Floor is a fine, high end, meat chef restaurant. This won't come cheap, but you get what you pay for. Chef Asaf Mashkofsky, the hotel chef, presides over the 11th Floor Kitchen. Dishes are professionally prepared and beautifully presented, and are both pleasing to the eye and pleasing to the pallet.

To read more about The 11Th Floor, click here.

The Dan Hotel on Hayarkon Street is one of the top hotels in the country. Stylish and beautifully designed the hotel attracts celebrities and personalities from around the world.

99 Hayarkon  in the Dan Hotel is the lovely and elegant restaurant at the Dan Hotel. The restaurant is open not only to guests of the hotel but to other diners as well. That's us.

Classic, classy and exceptionally smart, 99 Hayarkon is a restaurant for the discerning diner. The elegant surroundings are complemented by outstanding gourmet cuisine. Each dish is a work of art, a celebration for the eye and the palate.

99 Hayarkon is a high end restaurant. Get ready for a heady experience.

To read more about 99 Hayarkon, click here.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

New on eLuna (March 27, 2016)

Three new restaurants have joined eLuna in time for Pesach.
Newly kosher River Restaurant in Raanana is welcome on River will be open on Pesach. Come one come all. Plenty of free parking.

River in Raanana is a spacious restaurant with outdoor seating and several indoor seating options. The restaurant is open to diners Sunday through Thursday. Friday is reserved for parties.
Enjoy generous portions from the meat and vegetable noodle dishes from the Wok secion of the menu, sushi, beautiful and delicious saladas. One warning: come hungry to this restaurant. Each dish is enough for several meals. 

To read more about River, Raanana, click here.

PARALIYA at the Crowne Plaza, Tel Aviv, is a delicious meat and fish restaurant with a delicious mediterranean menu. The restaurant is located in the beautiful 5 star Crowne Plaza Hotel, Tel Aviv.
Paraliya is a full-menu dinner restaurant with a good selection of meat and fish dishes. The culinary concept at Paraliya is high end Israeli Mediterranean food. The menu is strong on fish, olive oil, fresh tomatoes and herbs - parsley and cilantro and upscale versions of Israeli style dishes.

To read more about Paraliya, click here.

WAFFLE BAR in Tel Aviv, is the coffee shop for folks with a sweet tooth also offers nutritious meals. Delicious vegetable wraps and salads are popular along with pasta dishes and specials. Good service, convenient pay parking, and central location.

To read more about Waffle Bar in Tel Aviv, click here.


MUZA BAHAR restaurant is perched at the top of a hill in Moshav Shoresh, overlooking the picturesque Judean hills. There is a magical atmosphere about this restaurant. In the evening the restaurant is a romantic location, overlooking a sea of lights. This is a truly great get away, out of the city, but not too far from it.

You could not get a restaurant with a better view than Muza Bahar. Newly kosher, this excellent meat and fish restaurant is making a great impression on the kosher community

To read more about Muza Bahar, click here.

The Judean Hills offers a rich history and amazing places to seightseeing. 

Click here to read more about the Judean Hills area
and the attractions you can visit to complete your day.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New on eLuna (March 1, 2016)

We are pleased to bring you two new restaurants. Gueta is a North Tel Aviv branch of the famous Gueta restaurant in Jaffa. Kanki is a full menu sushi and wine bar on Bograshov St., Tel Aviv.

Gueta in Ramat Hachayal is a Libyan restaurant, specializing in Tripolitan food. Libya is a Mediterranean country and its cuisine favors olives (and olive oil), fish, garlic, and the other elements of the Mediterranean diet. These elements come together with the unique North African flavors for a unique culinary experience. Enjoy popular traditional Libyan specialties like Mafroum, as well as many foods that are not as well known. Alongside the exotic dishes, for the less culinary challenged,there are grilled meats and vegetables.

.If you like to try the flavors of different cultures or you just like a good rich meaty meal, you have come to the right place. Take away is available on Friday.

To read more about Gueta, Ramat Hachayal, Tel Aviv, click here.For An interesting article about he increbible path from Tripoli to Rome of the delicious Jewish Lybian Cuisine, click here.

Kanki is a small restaurant with a huge menu. Kanki is a dairy Asian restaurant.

The menu offers both  conventional Asian dishes and dairy Asian dshes. Fish dishes, veggie and fish sushi, with or without cheese. Party trays available. To read more about Kanki Sushi & Wine Bar, Tel Aviv, click here.

Don't miss our Kosher Sushi section at our website at

Monday, February 15, 2016

New on eLuna (February 14, 2016)

The spring is around the corner, and eLuna has for you new restaurants where to enjoy it:
There are two kosher RIVER restaurants in Ramat Gan, and you will find them both on

We welcome RIVER Restaurant on Jabotinsky Street at the Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan. This is a nice spacious restaurant with outdoor seating, indoor seating, bar seating, sushi, rice and noodle dishes. There is a kiddie menu for the younger set and very patient and helpful staff.

Is anything missing?
Oh yes. RIVER offers delicious foods, excellent service and the menu on an electronic tablet with photos of the dishes. It couldn't be easier.

We visited RIVER on Jabotinsky St., Ramat Gan and we tasted dishes from the wok menu.

To read more about River at the Diamond Exchange, Ramat Gan, click here.
The kosher GREG CAFE in the Mamila Mall is a lovely spacious restaurant on the second floor. Go on up.

Not only will you find delicious dairy dishes, but a great selection of vegan dishes and some ethnic dishes as well. There are gluten free dishes, and specialty foods for whatever your preference. Bring the family and enjoy a sit-down that will leave money in your pocket for shopping as well.

Note that not all branches of Greg are kosher. The branch at Mamila Mall is Mehadrin, Rabbanut Yerushalayim.

To read more about Greg Cafe at Mamila Mall, Jerusalem, click here

Mamila has history way back  2000 years ago. We have gathered a collection of articles that will take you through its origins and development over almost two millenia:

Mamila history in photos. Click here.
From Herzl until today. Click here.


 Once you are in the front door of MOSES Kosher Restaurant, you won't know that you are in Cinema City. MOSES is a spacious spiffy restaurant with lots of comfortable seating for small or large parties, singles or families. Moses is in a great location at Cinema City. There's plenty of underground parking. Cold and rainy outside? Think Moses.

Kosher MOSES is a burger restaurant with a choice of meaty burgers of all sizes. Also find vegetarian and vegan dishes, in their health menu. Hey Moses - these dishes are not exactly Manna in the desert, but they are pretty good.

There are only 3 kosher Moses Restaurants in the chain. Moses Jerusalem is under the hashgacha of Rabbanut Yerushalayim, Mehuderet. 

To read more about Moses in Cinema City, Jerusalem, click here.

There are only two kosher branch restaurants in the RIVER Restaurant chain, and you will find them both on We start with River in the B.S.R. tower in Ramat Gan. The tower is opposite kenyon Ayalon facing Abba Hillel. River is on street level at the southern end of the tower.

What don't they have at River? There is outdoor seating, indoor seating, bar seating, sushi, rice and noodle dishes. There is a kiddie menu and - no kidding - coloring books for restless Jr's.

Is anything missing?

Oh yes. River offers delicious foods, excellent service and the menu on an electronic tablet with photos of the dishes. It couldn't be easier.
To read more about River at B.S.R. Tower, Ramat Gan, click here.

Do you want to become an expert noodles dishes cooks by unveiling its secrets? Click here to know more.

CAFE CAFE, how you have reinvented yourself and evolved to suit the trends. We welcome CAFE CAFE in the Ramot mall to This mehadrin restaurant specializes in quality dairy dishes plus a whole section of vegetarian, gluten-free and special diet dishes.

Cafe Cafe is famous for breakfasts, don't stop there. The menu offers something for everyone.
Why is Roast Beef on their dairy menu?
Don't be fooled. That is vegetarian beef. And vegetarian shawarma.
But no need to go for the imitations when there are so many great originals.