Sunday, June 26, 2016

New on eLuna (June 26, 2016)

 Open the summer with these great restaurants:

 The most stylish summer outdoor barbecue in Jerusalem must be at the Inbal Hotel. Diners at “The Inbal Grill” can expect a mouth-watering selection of prime cuts, served in the picturesque setting of the Jerusalem hotel's stone courtyard.

The Inbal Grill chefs are experts at preparing the meat. Guests enjoy continuous tableside service, at this elegant dinner.
Focaccia to start, then seven bowls of salad and later four or five serving plates of meat fill up the table. It is a feast for a king.
The 3-course fixed price all-you-can-eat menu is NIS 190 per person.

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Taamon is a dairy (mehadrin) restaurant located in the Litov Jerusalem Boutique Hotel on Haneviim Street, Jerusalem. Taamon is a modest yet charming restaurant with a full dairy menu ranging from breakfast to light meals, and full pasta or fish dinners. Taamon knows its customers, and offers a mix of classic Israeli dishes and traditional American "Jewish" foods.

Taamon is a family restaurant for all generations. Junior diners will enjoy the pancakes and the french toast.
Diners who prefer  Israeli cuisine will enjoy the Eggplant Baladi and Shakshuka dishes. Bubi and Zeidy will be surprised to find 
New York bagels and lox and herring in cream sauce. B'teavon!
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The Fisherman’s Kosher Restaurant is a fine fish and dairy restaurant in the port of Yafo (Jaffa). It is
unique as the only kosher restaurant in the port among many non-kosher places. That is our good fortune, as the port is a breezy place to explore and enjoy, especially on a cool evening.

The Fisherman’s Kosher Restaurant offers a selection of salt-water and fresh-water fish that the kitchen will prepare in any of several ways: whole, filleted, or grilled open-faced, pan fried, or baked. The selection of fish is good and includes fresh salmon, levrak (Sea Bass), and barbunya (Red Mullet). Other options are fish and chips, and, for non-fish eaters, penne in a cream-tomato sauce. Side orders of fries (chips) or baked potato are offered with the fish.

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Yafo port is full of history since after the flood.  To read more about Yafo Port history through the centuries and milenias, click here.

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