Sunday, April 3, 2016

Great restaurants in hotels

Enjoy haute cuisine at these selected restaurants in amazing hotels all over Israel:

 Paraliya Restaurant at The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Tel-Aviv. This is an up-market restaurant in a lovely 5-star hotel along the tayelet.

Paraliya is a full-menu dinner restaurant with a good selection of meat and fish dishes. The culinary concept at Paraliya is high end Israeli Mediterranean food. The menu is strong on fish, olive oil, fresh tomatoes and herbs - parsley and cilantro and upscale versions of Israeli style dishes.

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Take a look inside the Hotel Crowne Plaza Beach in Tel Aviv by clicking here.

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Tucked away in a quiet corner  of the Jerusalem Inbal Hotel, sits a little pocket of elegance called Sofia. As befits this posh hotel, this spiffy eatery is high class all the way.

Sofia offers dairy Italian fare. Everything is done with a refined and stylish touch, from the cream-colored linens to the plush chairs. The service is impeccable and appropriate for an outstanding dining experience.

We were greeted at the restaurant with an aperitif followed by a small surprise starter; a baked phylo packet filled with feta cheese, floating on a sea of creamy tomato sauce. It was at that point, that we knew we were in for a special and wonderful dining experience.

Sofia  is a restaurant for a special evening - an important (romantic) date, an anniversary or perhaps a key business meeting. You can count on Sofia to pamper you and your guest; its grace and sophistication will win you over.

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  La Primavera is a lovely elegant dairy restaurant located in the Leonardo Plaza Jerusalem Hotel. The hushed and sophisticated ambiance of the restaurant makes this a perfect venue for quality dining.

The  dairy Italian menu offers  delicious freshly made pastas, excellent fish entrees, and tempting desserts.

Feast on appetizers like grilled veggies and risotto to Fettuccine with salmon entrees, and creative desserts like the  green apple soup with yogurt mousse.  La Primavera is a restaurant for everyone who likes quality food and high end atmosphere.

To read more about La Primavera, click here.

 The 11th Floor is a gorgeous, modern, restaurant on the 11th floor of the Crown Plaza City Center Hotel at Azrieli. Enter into a lovely large space with a bar, a soft seating area and a spacious dining area. One full wall of windows overlook the Tel Aviv skyline. The atmosphere is elegant and romantic.

The new version of The 11th Floor is a fine, high end, meat chef restaurant. This won't come cheap, but you get what you pay for. Chef Asaf Mashkofsky, the hotel chef, presides over the 11th Floor Kitchen. Dishes are professionally prepared and beautifully presented, and are both pleasing to the eye and pleasing to the pallet.

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The Dan Hotel on Hayarkon Street is one of the top hotels in the country. Stylish and beautifully designed the hotel attracts celebrities and personalities from around the world.

99 Hayarkon  in the Dan Hotel is the lovely and elegant restaurant at the Dan Hotel. The restaurant is open not only to guests of the hotel but to other diners as well. That's us.

Classic, classy and exceptionally smart, 99 Hayarkon is a restaurant for the discerning diner. The elegant surroundings are complemented by outstanding gourmet cuisine. Each dish is a work of art, a celebration for the eye and the palate.

99 Hayarkon is a high end restaurant. Get ready for a heady experience.

To read more about 99 Hayarkon, click here.

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